Monday, September 8, 2014

Chapter 3 Ancient India and China

Monday  Sept 8
Preview: Crash Course World History: Indus River Valley
Get Vocabulary and Map 3:1

PowerPoint for Chapter 3
Picture and Map guide for notes

Maps India
Physical Map India
Map: Indus River Valley
Indian Monsoons

Mauryan Empire
Gupta Empire

Spread of Buddhism

Maps China
Physical Map China

Tuesday, Sept 9
Notes 3:1 Indus River Valley
HW: Summary and Questions

Wednesday, Sept. 10
Notes Hinduism
Poster: Illustrate the parts of the Caste System

Thursday, Sept 11                   ELT
Illustrated Notes, Buddhism
Poster: Illustrate the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism

Friday, Sept 12              Early Release
Notes Maurya and Gupta Empire  3:2
Venn Diagram: Hinduism and Buddhism
Buddhism/Hinduism at a glance

Monday, Sept 15
Notes 3:3 Early Chinese Dynasties
HW: Summary and Questions
Map 3:3

Tuesday, Sept 16
Notes Chinese Philosophy
Confucianism, Legalism, and Taoism
HW: Summary and Questions
Mrs. Welsh PowerPoint

Wednesday, Sept 17
Notes C 3:4 Qin and Han Dynasties
HW: Questions and Summary

Thursday, Sept 18   ELT

Friday, Sept 19
Test on Chapter 3
Mrs. Walton will be absent so all work will be due to her on Monday

Essay for Honors
Compare and Contrast Hinduism and Buddhism
1.5-2 Pages Minimum
Due Monday, Sept 22 by Midnight